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Article: Rockabye Baby’s Listening Station in FAO Schwarz

Baby Music

Rockabye Baby’s Listening Station in FAO Schwarz

Rockabye Baby's arriving in style in the Big Apple! We have our very own "lullabized" listening station in the legendary FAO Schwarz in New York City! Now you can jam (softly) to your favorite Rockabye tunes and pick up a few CDs to purchase, too! Check it out if you're a New Yorker or just passing through the Big Apple!


Yeah, we're pretty proud of it.



If you happen to be in FAO Schwarz, share a pic of yourself at the Rockabye Baby listening station on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #FAORockabye.

We'd love to see you!

Or maybe you already have your own Rockabye Baby listening station at home? Make sure to check out our newest releases to add to your collection.

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