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Article: Rocking Parent Tip: How to Make Your Kids Do the Cleaning


Rocking Parent Tip: How to Make Your Kids Do the Cleaning

Just two days left in the month. Spring isn’t over yet! Have you done your spring cleaning? I haven’t. With kids (or pets), don’t you find that’s all you’re doing . . . cleaning? Yeah, it’s a total drag, unless you’re not a control freak like I am and don’t mind having the occasional cleaning person come by. So, I’ve decided to recruit my two-year-old Little D, to help. She creates most of the mess anyway — she should help. And, actually, she has been for several months. I hope she never learns it’s actually a chore. Here are my tips for getting your kids to do the same:


How to Make Your Kids Do the Cleaning

1)      Get cleaning tools sized for them. A kid’s broom, vacuum, etc. And fun colors don't hurt, either. My daughter loves her mini polka dot mop, bright-orange broom, and the small, lightweight cordless vacuum. She’ll jump at every chance to use them. And those mop socks or slippers are winners as well. 2)      Make throwing trash away a game. There’s, of course, the classic basketball hoop over the trash setup that all ages enjoy. We also make “Cleanup” a race to see who can get the most trash in the trashcan. Though you may want to double-check what your little one puts in there. I’m still missing my car keys. 3)      Throw a cleaning party. A lot of kids I know just love parties. Who says you can’t get dressed up to clean? Put a fun, funky outfit on your child to make the task an event to look forward to. Put on your favorite Rockabye Baby playlist or CD ;) to dance or hum to and, of course, grab some snacks, and party on. 4)      Tell them there’s a reward when the job is done. It works with adults, it works with kids. I’m not saying to reward them with a sweet treat or toy, necessarily. Sometimes a high five or high ten is enough for my daughter. You’ll find that cleaning will feel less like a chore for you if you do it with someone you love! Cheesy, but true. Now if only I had two kids . . . Have more tips on how to get your kids cleaning? Share them below. Have a great weekend!

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