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Article: Schooled by Lennon: Things You Can Learn about Life from John Lennon


Schooled by Lennon: Things You Can Learn about Life from John Lennon

Today we celebrate and remember the wonderfully bright light that was John Lennon.


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A musical pioneer and peacemaker, John Lennon’s influence over music and society is undeniable. To commemorate his birthday and the great messages he shared with us, here are just a few of the things he taught me . . .

Three Things I Learned from John Lennon

1. Imagine! John Lennon once said, “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” As if this line isn’t thought-provoking enough, his colorful, imaginative lyrics in songs like “I Am the Walrus” and his reflective musings in “Imagine” and “Tomorrow Never Knows” reinforce his message. Imagination is a powerful, world-changing tool. Use yours.

2. Money isn’t everything. The Beatles hit it big while they were all in their early twenties; so fame and fortune came fast. But they learned very early on that, in life, having fortune and nice material things wasn’t the main goal; there was still a void to be filled. Pursue happiness, not money.


3. Give peace a chance. Lennon had a penchant for promoting peace and changing negative social issues.His political activism at the height of the Vietnam War protest movement made him an unofficial leader of the crusade to spread his message of peace. His song “Give Peace A Chance” holds a simple message (and a modest request); one that we still need to take time to listen to today.  


What has John Lennon taught you?

Share the lessons you’ve learned from John! Post them in the comments below by Tuesday, October 14, at 12 pm PST, to be entered in our random giveaway for one (1) copy of Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles and one (1) copy of More Lullaby Renditions of The BeatlesTwo (2) winners will be selected! For bonus entries, tweet, share and pin from this post! 02729796592802797961623  

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My first exposure was in middle school, LONG after The Beatles’ time. Revolver was my very first CD. And all through middle school my friends were listening to John Lennon and wearing shirts with his image. I was aware then and even more so now (twenty+) years later that you can really touch a lot of lives, make an impact, and be successful without being nasty, or mean, or competitive. Exude love and joy and a little quirk and it’s easy to make a difference along the way.


John taught me that you can change your life and be given second chances. When Sean was born, he turned his life around and left music behind to become a better husband and father. He even rekindled his relationship with Julian and was proud to bake his first loaf of bread.
He became the parent he wish he always had.
It makes me sad to know he didn’t have a chance to really show his fans and loved ones how he changed and how much more he could have offered the world.
We all shine on.


Sometimes its okay to stay in bed all day with the ones you love!


I think one of the biggest things I take from Lennon’s legacy is that its ok to be yourself…. Including all the growth and changes that occur in life. Embrace life, the changes it brings, and never be afraid to grow.


That you can find peace in yourself even if the world is scary. Then you can share that peace with those around you.

lisa g

John made me aware that not everyone is going to like me, or want to even try. We should focus on making ourselves happy but continue to get along well with those hateful of us.

Kim king

KINDNESS. I often think of the story of John inviting a “stalker” into his home to feed him and talk to him. Other celebrities would have called the police. The golden rule of treating others how you want to be treated. The world would be a better place if we all followed this.

Maria Miller

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