Sh*t My Kid Says

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Yeah, kids say the craziest things...some good crazy, some funny crazy and some you just have to really scratch your head over. We searched the Twittersphere for the best #sh*tmykidsays and picked our favorites.


"bouncy castle is pretty funny, and so is the moon and bananas."

James Foster II ‏@kaizen00

Mia: "Daddy how are moons circles and sometimes bananas?

Chukknorus ‏@Chukknorus

"I'm not crazy I just have issues."

Cristina Solana ‏@nightshiftc

"I may be a treehugger, but I'm no hippie."

Heather Dudley ‏@dragonchilde

My 7 year old: "If they take your liver out of your body you'll die. That's why they call it a liver.

Justin Achilli ‏@jachilli

"I think my brain is telling me I have to pee."

robert fabricant ‏@fabtweet

"I like to think of my insides as a bouncy castle - everything is all mushy."

Lindsay Nelson ‏@lindsayn613

"If I fall asleep, wake me up! 'Cause I'm not tired!"

What kind of sh*t does your kid say?

Post in the comments below! Ready for more adult sh*t? Read "What Sh*t My Dad Says."


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  • “You look ugly today, Mommy!!” . . . thaaaanks.

    Sara on
  • Mama, I want boob.

    First-Time Mommy on

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