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Article: Small Talk: What's So Funny About Being Pregnant?


Small Talk: What's So Funny About Being Pregnant?

It's Small Talk day here at Rockabye! And this time, we're getting the lowdown on the life of a parent-to-be, comedian Jessica Glassberg. Bio: I'm a writer, a stand-up comedian, a blogger and a mom-to-be. I'm sure once the little one walks through the door (that's how it works, right, they just walk through the door?), the order of those "titles" will change. Brood: A little one on the way around Thanksgiving. Personality of baby: Nocturnal. Baby is the bounciest after 10 p.m. I think we've got a little party animal on our hands. And the baby is either a lover or hater of jazz. I was at a jazz concert and the baby started kicking. I didn't know if the kicks meant, "Yeah, man, that's some cool jazz," or "AAAK, please stop this terrible sound!" How has pregnancy affected my life: I was on bed rest for about 6 weeks, so it was tough to focus, but I quickly learned of the sacrifices you have to make for your child...whether they are in the womb or out. I was also able to prioritize what is REALLY important. And it's given me some new material. Best pregnancy jokes: Being pregnant I feel like a Buddha with boobs...I'm a boobdha. I opened but forgot to read the article "Is Forgetfulness and Pregnancy a Myth?" Guess I just saved 15 minutes. Everyone keeps asking if we're having a boy or a girl and they seem surprised when I tell them that we're not finding out...EVER! Downside of being pregnant: The worry. I guess it comes with the territory of learning to be a mom. When I was on bed rest, let me tell you, it wasn't so restful; and there's the worry: Is my baby going to be OK? And if you don't feel kicks for a little while...your brain the baby OK? Then there's the random bursts of tears that come for no reason. So, um, hormones. Upside of being pregnant:  It might sound corny, but creating a life with my best friend. Hearing him talk to my belly just makes me melt...again, could be those hormones. And feeling the baby kick is just incredible.

If you were to write a book about being pregnant, it would it be called... I have a Low Lying Placenta and Other Things I Never Thought I'd Say Out Loud. Or Everyone's Pregnancy is Different. And Mine Was the Same. Final thoughts: No matter how far along she is, don't tell a pregnant woman she's HUGE! Unless, of course, you're looking to start a fight club. Have a mommy-to-be in your life? Give her the gift that keeps on giving: lullaby renditions of her favorite music! Shop more than 40 releases-from Elvis to Prince-which is more than 30 hours of soothing instrumental bliss.

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