Small Talk with Author Andrea Richards

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Welcome to Small Talk, a new column on our blog that features different personalities we dig, giving us the lowdown on their lives and loves with their little ones. ANDREA RICHARDS Bio: Los Angeles-based author (Girl Director) who promises to work on all her unfinished manuscripts once the toddler starts preschool. Brood: 2-month old Gray, 2-year-old, Phoebe On being a writer and mother: "Now that I think about it, I understand the women who write novels on cell phones and how books are written on Twitter. I used to think that was ridiculous, but now I think it might be the only way to get any writing done." Baby bag of the moment: LeSportsac Most amusing item in my bag: "Unfilled prescription for birth control given at last OBGYN appointment dated June 4." 5 things I can't live without: "iPad, naps, girlfriends, partner-in-crime (husband), cleaning lady, pediatrician's cell phone number." 5 things my kids can't live without: "Me!, my breasts, the Eels' Shootenanny album, lots of shoes (the 2-year-old is a style maven), garden hose." Best advice I ever received: "If they're still alive at the end of the day, you've done your job." (Told to by a mother of  twins.) Biggest misconception about parenting: "That you can't travel when you have kids. Babies and toddlers are made to travel: They are tiny and love airplanes, trains and taxicabs. The loud engines on planes put wee ones to sleep instantly, and toddlers will play peek-a-boo with the people sitting behind you for hours (sorry about that people behind us)."  Recent lie: "I told my daughter I think bananas are delicious. I hate them. You tell little white lies to get your kids to do things, like to Phoebe, I told her people won't let us into certain stores until she puts her dress back on." Wish list for the (very near) future: "One night at a hotel all by myself. Also, I want my daughter to stop calling me ‘Dre Dre' and start calling me ‘mama' again. I think 2 years old is too young to go on a first-name basis." If I were to write a book on parenting, it would be called... I Love You, But Please Put Your Pants On Final thought: "I hope my daughters grow up to be Pippi Longstocking, except with parents."

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