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Article: Small Talk with Dani Hampton of Sometimes Sweet

dani hampton

Small Talk with Dani Hampton of Sometimes Sweet

Up for a little Small Talk?8456092901_2ffa31917e_b

Today we're chatting it up with writer of Sometimes Sweet, wife and mama (not to mention expecting mama) Dani Hampton.

Bio: I'm Danielle, a wife and mother enjoying small town life in the mountains of Northern Arizona with my husband and son, and a summer baby on the way. I'm a former high school English teacher turned stay-at-home-mama, my days now filled with toddler laughter and toy trucks. Lots of trucks! Sometimes Sweet is full of little bits of our everyday- things I love, moments I want to remember forever, and love letters to my life. I hope you'll stop by and say hello! Brood: There's 5 us right now if you count the baby boy in my belly. My husband Hank, our son Henry, our baby boy due in August, and our Boston Terrier, Madeline. 5 Thing I can't live without: Having a little bit of time every day for me, be it writing, reading, or a phone chat with a friend, exercise, healthy, whole foods, outdoor time, and of course lots of love from my boys. 5 Things my son can't live without: Water (he always has his water cup with him- can't get enough), fresh fruits like raspberries and watermelon, Madeline, books and more books, and snuggles from Mommy and Daddy. Has this pregnancy been different than your first? It has. The main difference has just been physical. With Henry my skin was clear, my hair was great...but with this one it has been the complete opposite! All of this led me to believe that I must be carrying a girl so when the ultrasound tech told us boy we were shocked! We're so excited though, to meet our second little guy. But other than physical it's been pretty much the same. 7492289782_1ee36de238_b Have any names picked out? We do! It's another classic name to go along with Henry. Current obsession: Clementine oranges and Pink Lady apples. Everyone in my house cannot get enough! If you could have a dinner party with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be? I'm going to go the cliche English teacher route and say Sylvia Plath. She fascinates me, and she also happens to be my favorite poet of all time, tied with Anne Sexton. Pregnancy perks: I actually really love being pregnant, so a lot of it is a perk to me. If I ignore the broken out skin and insane lack of energy during the first trimester, I'd say almost all of it is awesome. Favorite place to "get away" with family: We love going to Hawaii, but I think our most favorite vacation spot has always been Vermont. We go almost every summer and just love it. Nothing beats the green hills and Lake Champlain. It's heaven! Favorite recent reads: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and the Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick Wish list for the (near) future: Just one- a healthy, happy baby come August! If I could write a book about parenting it would be called . . .  "Be Real: Start Listening to Your Own Head and Heart, and Find Out What Works For You." Final Thought: This is Rockabye Baby related but can I just say how MAGICAL the Weezer CD is? Seriously. From infancy Henry would listen to it on the drive down to my parents' house (2 hours south) and it would always put him to sleep. To this day it still does! We love it. Keep up with Dani on her blog, Twitter and Instagram!


Love to see that one of my fave bloggers enjoys a lullaby cd that our family has used since day 1! The Pearl Jam cd is on all music devices so that we always have it on hand :P


Good luck with your pregnancy Dani!! You have such a cute family!


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