Small Talk with Performer Stéphane Chivot

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Welcome to another edition of Small Talk, our column that features different personalities we dig, giving us the lowdown on their lives and loves with their little ones. You've heard from two mothers, artist Kelli Murray and author Andrea Richards (our new guest blogger!), but today we're getting a father's perspective, in French and English at that! STÉPHANE CHIVOT Bio: Dancer, musician and actor from France who is currently performing in Cirque du Soleil's production Iris in Hollywood Brood: 3-year-old daughter Kim, who has beaucoup d'énergie (a ton of energy) On being a performer and a father: Parenthood has not necessarily inspired my work yet, but I am happy when my wife and daughter see me perform. On juggling work and fatherhood: I do the best that I can with a strict regimen of certain vices.
Favorite pastime with daughter: Aller à la plage (going to the beach)
5 things I can't live without: La vie de tous les jours... Que l'on ne peut résumer en 5 points (Everyday cannot sum up in 5 things) 5 things my kids can't live without: Apple juice, tétine, les chiens, la plage, la musique (apple juice, pacifier, dogs, the beach, music) Proud moment as a father: When my daughter started speaking English On raising his daughter in Los Angeles: It's a great opportunity for her to become bilingual-and me as well. Best advice I ever received: Être patient (to be patient) Best advice I have for a new parent: When you have a daughter, make sure to wipe from front to back. (Told to our Daddy in Training)
Final thought: Sur le fait d'être parent, on ne l'est pas, on le devient. (You are not automatically a parent; you become a parent.) If I were to write a book on parenting, it would be called...Du bon usage de l'apple juice (The Best Use of Apple Juice)

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