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Article: So You Think You Know Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Flea Edition

flea birthday

So You Think You Know Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Flea Edition

Our favorite funk-rock bassist, Flea, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, turns 51 today!


To celebrate, we're looking to gift one Red Hot Chili Peppers fan (specifically, a Flea fan) with a copy of Lullaby Renditions of Red Hot Chili Peppers! The three (3) fans to email us the correct answers to all five questions below by Sunday, October 21 8PM PST will each receive a copy! Think you can get them all right? While you're scanning your mind for answers, we invite you to listen to our lullaby rendition of RHCP's "Scar Tissue." You know, to help get the trivia juices flowing! 1. What is Flea's real name? a. Peter Pettigrew b. Michael C. Hall c. Michael Peter Balzary d. Peter Michael Fabian 2. Flea was born in: a. 1963 b. 1962 c. 1959 d. 1960 3. Which of the below movies has Flea not been in? a. The Big Lebowski b. Chasing Amy c. Back to the Future Part II d. Son in Law 4. Before playing bass, Flea played which instrument in school? a. Piano b. French horn c. Trumpet d. Trombone 5. In 2012, Flea released his first solo album comprising mostly of instrumental songs except for the song "Lovelovelove." Who sings on this song? a. Aimee Mann b. Kate Bush c. Lou Reed d. Patti Smith RHCP BONUS QUESTION: Where was the band's 1993 release Blood Sugar Sex Magik recorded?

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