Something Cool: The Chandelier Tree + Vinyl Giveaway

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"Money doesn't grow on trees, but evidently chandeliers do" (around the corner from Rockabye Headquarters). - Lisa Roth

Now that you’ve seen something cool from our neighborhood. It’s time for you to share for your chance to win one of these: IMG_2406Rockabye Baby Flaming LIps Record Store Day Exclusive 

Tell us something cool about where you live? 

Brag about where you live in the comments below by Sunday, March 16, at 8 pm PT to be entered into our random drawing for (1) a Rockabye vinyl of your choice. Now that’s something cool, right? Two (2) winners will be selected. Plus, get extra entries for showing us by sharing your photo with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SomethingCool.

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  • I live in Arlington, TX, close to Ft. Worth where the Ft.Worth Water Gardens are. It’s my favorite place to be. :D

    Brendan Lawson on
  • I live in Novi, MI —-As of 2011 15.9% of its residents were Asian, and Novi had 2,438 Japanese residents, giving it the largest Japanese population of any Michigan municipality.

    Burgundy Reagan on
  • I’m two weeks away from living in N’Awlins baby! A great city for kids as well as adults by the way. Parades, festivals, the biggest city park in America (with a storybook themed playpark) an awesome zoo, aquarium, and insectairium (although my son is too scared to go in there anymore. Bit of advice – when you see a Black Widow, don’t tell your child it could kill them!) I think we’re going to be very happy there. I currently live in Baton Rouge, and the only good thing about Baton Rouge is it’s an hour away from New Orleans. I just have to ask myself why it took me ten years to move there…

    Peter Spencer on
  • I live in Williamsburg, VA. We’re surrounded by history with Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, and a bunch of other beautiful, interesting spots. It’s also an hour from the beach and 1.5 from the mountains, so it’s easy to enjoy the best of both!

    Chris on

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