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Article: Spring-a-Ling Smoothies


Spring-a-Ling Smoothies

Sometimes the best way to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables is to present them as anything but fruits and vegetables. I'm a former picky eater myself; it was like pulling teeth for my mom to get me to eat anything that wasn't meat, potatoes or sugar (my dad didn't care as much because he was the same way). I'm not sure if it was the consistency of the "healthier" options, or what, but if it was green, "Get it away from me!" She once tried getting me to eat chocolate-covered strawberries, but I just cracked the chocolate shell off around each berry. It was then that my mom saw what she was up against.

Nectarine and Apricot Smoothie

Being the crafty one my mom is, she eventually schemed a way to get me to eat better. She started making drinks infused with fruits and vegetables. Of course, the first she tried out was a chocolate peanut butter banana blend so I wouldn't be too suspicious at first. From there, she moved onto banana strawberry, raspberry mango and so on.

Can't Beet This Smoothie

I loved them- just as she hoped I would. One of my favorites, which we called "Berry Red," because it was "berry" red, had beets and zucchini in it! But I had no clue it was good for me. Victory! Here are a few "springy" smoothie recipes (similar to the ones my mom concocted) to add to your own little picky eater's meals.

 Green Apple + Spinach Smoothie

Remember- to avoid brain freeze, don't let them drink them too fast!

And don't forget to stock up on our latest releases to make your spring even more relaxing, for you and your little one.

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