Spring Baby Shower Ideas!

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You know what they say . . . "April Showers Bring May Flowers." But for some of you planning showers this April, it's not just the May flowers you're patiently awaiting--it's the arrival of a sweet, new babe! So we're embracing the saying and the season by bringing you a few simple rain and flower-themed baby shower decorations, invitations and treats.

Cloud-Topped Cupcakes

How cute are those little cloud decorations? Simply draw a cloud figure on white paper, cut, tape to a toothpick and bada bing bada boom. Cupcake topper complete!

Rainy Day Advice

Use this as inspiration to create your own unique notepad or cards (cloud-shaped with raindrop stickers could be fun!) for guests to share their advice for the expectant mommy (and daddy)!

Silver Lining Gift Bags The perfect packaging for your Rain-Themed baby shower favors. We're thinking lemon drops!

Baby Bottle Flowers

Here's a cute one that will save you on vases! Simply use baby bottles as the vases.

Vary the sizes and colors of the bottle and flowers depending on

what best reflects the celebrant!

Baby Picture Bouquet

If you want to take the above idea a step further, make your own flowers!

For a truly special touch, get some baby photos for the parents-to-be, cut them out

and tape them to popsicles sticks and put one or more of them in a baby bottle.

DIY Tissue Paper Flower Balls Add a bit of whimsical charm to your shower with a few of these Pom Flower Balls. Check out the tutorial here.


And, of course, the ever popular "Name That Tune" Rockabye Baby Shower Game is a must-play at every baby party. Find out how to play by clicking our bear below!

And don't forget that our lullabies are great party gifts! Here are a few that are sure to please.


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