Stuff We Like: Disney Pixar's Up

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If you haven't seen Pixar's Up yet, get thee to a theater immediately, with or without your little one in tow. It's the most emotionally rich film the studio has ever produced, and that's coming from a guy who cried watching Wall-E. With plenty of exciting action to keep the young ones on the edge of their seat, it's a perfect family film. One of the main ingredients in its success is Michael Giacchino's excellent score, which merges majestic orchestral sweeps with unforgettable melodies. Unfortunately, if you want to take the soundtrack on your iPod, you can't go out to your local record store and pick it up - for some perplexing reason, Disney has decided to not release it as physical media. Instead, the collection was unceremoniously dumped on iTunes. But the digital distribution has it's advantages - it comes with an exclusive 7-minute featurette. Sure, it'll probably wind up on the DVD anyways, but don't you want to watch it now? You do.

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