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Article: Stuff We Like: Learn to Speak Music by Broken Social Scene's John Crossingham

Stuff We Like: Learn to Speak Music by Broken Social Scene's John Crossingham

Have you ever wanted a good way to get your kids more involved with music? We think we may have found just the thing: Learn to Speak Music: A Guide to Creating, Performing, and Promoting Your Songs, written by the singer-songwriter John Crossingham of the popular Canadian indie band Broken Social Scene. "Learn to Speak Music helps kids learn the simplicity of this universal language by exposing every nook and cranny of how music is made." Playlists are listed throughout the book to offer examples of musical elements such as dynamics, lyrics, classic live performances, and to demonstrate the difference between lo-fi and hi-fi. We are also eager to see the tips in the margin from musical artists (and fellow Broken Social Scene members) such as Feist, Emily Haines and Kevin Drew. Pick up a copy of the book and help your children discover the exciting world of music! p.s. Help out with the learning process by creating a mixtape of the songs from each playlists then sit down with your kids and explore them together.

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