Summer Lovin’

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We are summer lovin’ the longer days and the warmer nights. Bedtime is officially for suckers now.

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It's summertime, baby, and I'm letting my little ones run wild. We're eating supper late as Spaniards, chasing lightning bugs in the backyard and staying on the beach until the very last moment of light. 9704_lrg Then my wild troop of tiny revelers heads home, drunk with a mix of happiness and dog-tiredness, and covered in sand, sweat, salt water and sunscreen. From the backseat, they point to the moon and beg to do it all again tomorrow evening. Sure thing, babies. And for the next three months, we're gonna soak it all up —hightailing it to the water as soon as we can get there. Still, each day there's that tiny twinge of sadness as sun sets, knowing that the day is done. Sir Elton John, we now know what you mean: “Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me.” And it won't -- or rather, it will, but at least not until a lot later.

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