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Article: The Beckham's Queue Up Rockabye Baby for Daughter

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The Beckham's Queue Up Rockabye Baby for Daughter

The Beckham cradle will most certainly rock! The Daily Mail, one of the UK's biggest newspapers, shared that soccer king, David Beckham, was busy last week downloading Rockabye Baby tunes in preparation for the arrival of his baby girl. Beckham's wife and former Spice Girl, Victoria, is due to give birth to the little one very soon. Victoria tweeted last Thursday saying, "'David has been downloading music for our baby! Rockabye Baby lullaby renditions, so cool! Love the Beatles album!!! X VB.'

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Do you think of a KISS cd?
Best regards


Can we get some MJ reditions?! Pretty PLEASE?! :D


They’re on our list! We definitely agree – need some Grateful Dead for sure!


So I think Rockabye Baby! is a great idea, but seriously?

Why isn’t there a Grateful Dead one yet?

The Dead’s music was made for lulabyes!


Most definitely on our list! And pretty high up on that list, too ;)


wow (h)


Have y’all thought of a godsmack, avenged sevenfold, rob zombie, or linkin park?

Ashley J

We need a great many additional Zeppelin tracks!! Vol 2, perhaps ;) Thanks for the love, Jackie!


I work in a daycare, with the infants, and I play the Bob Marley album during naps. It actually helps them sleep longer! But y’all need to have All Of My Love on the Zep album! :(

Jackie M

you guys should make a

system of a down
& johnny cash

rockabyebaby cd :)
i’d buy all 3 :)

araceli botello

:)k chevre


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