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Article: The Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions


The Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

How has the New Year been treating you so far? Still recovering from all the festivities like we are?? It’s never easy to come back to work after the holidays, but we have a lot to look forward too . . . like all that is to come in 2015! Did you make New Year’s resolutions to kick off the year? We checked in with our own team to see what their resolutions are for 2015, and some may sound very familiar:

New Year's Resolution

I just enrolled back into college after about 14 years, so there's that…… LOL! "Learn new sh*t." My resolution for now and always.Chrissy, Senior Web Designer My New Year’s resolution is less complaining! Hannah, Art & Production Director Drink more water and workout 3-4 times per week! —Salvador, YouTube Associate Be kinder, healthier, happier, more patient, more honest, more loving.  Just all around better. —Kyle, Distribution & Logistics Specialist Go hiking more and continue my resolution from last year which was “let it roll.” Stacie, Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager Drink more water! Sarah, Social Media Associate My resolution is to play more guitar. —Kristin, Accounts Manager

Share your own resolutions below!

And may we suggest another for you? More sleep in 2015. Here’s how…

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Me parece muy bien lo quue dices pero te apoyo a tope.


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