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Article: The Power of Music: Preemies Benefit from Listening to Tunes

Baby Music

The Power of Music: Preemies Benefit from Listening to Tunes

We already know that music is good for kids -- music education helps older kids grasp other subjects in school, listening to lullabies helps calm toddlers, but a new study released by a group of Canadian researchers is providing compelling evidence that music can work on even the youngest child, as playing music to premature infants seems to decrease their overall pain levels, increase oxygen saturation, and help them transition to a bottle. This, obviously, is great news. As any parent knows, one of the hardest parts of adapting to life with a baby is the communication gap, as infants get angrier and angrier when their needs aren't met. If music can have a demonstrated neurological benefit on our children, who knows how much stress and anxiety we can save everybody? Read more about the study here.


Yay, Meryl! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts (and for doing such important work)!

Rockabye Baby!

Thanks for posting this article! In fact, this is my job on a regular basis! I am a music therapist and before becoming a stay-at-home mom for a while I worked in the NICU and Pediatrics unit providing music therapy to children of all ages, including the preemies. how amazing is the power of music!


Dear Rockabye Baby! Blog,
Hello, my name is Shayla and I was born 13 weeks early. I am know 19 and think that playing music for preemies is a great experience for them. I beleive that it calms them and helps them relax. As a little girl, my grandma used to play lullabies for my cousin amd I to fall asleep with. This always had a very calming affect on us, especially me. I just really liked how soft the music sounded. I’m proud of what you are doing to further the health and lives of those ‘’tiney ones!’’ Congradulations!
Miss Shayla M.

Shayla M.

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