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Article: Today’s POLL: How Do You Feel About These Signs?


Today’s POLL: How Do You Feel About These Signs?

I’ve been seeing some interesting signage as of late relating to children. Some are quite clever and amusing while others get under my skin, like the ones below. Am I overreacting? It’s actually at a local bird store I used to frequent pre-motherhood.


What’s your initial reaction to them? Did one or both of these signs make you instantly laugh, or did they make you feel like “Breaking the Law” by doing one of several things to them. (By the way, I love birds so I totally get they’re fragile.)

Share your thoughts in the comments below! And cast your vote in today’s poll below to determine what our bear should do to the signs.

[polldaddy poll=8152681]

We’ll share what our bear’s friends (that would be you fans) decide in a future post.


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