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Article: Unusual Ways to Celebrate Chocolate Day


Unusual Ways to Celebrate Chocolate Day

Yeah, we know it’s a drag to go back to work after a holiday weekend, but, guess what? The holiday weekend actually isn’t over. It’s Chocolate Day today. Now this is a holiday we truthfully kind of celebrate every day. (Let’s just not tell the kids, okay?) But chocolate cupcakes or brownies just won’t do for us on such an important holiday. So we’ve handpicked some recipes for you that are unusual ways to celebrate Chocolate Day, but every bit as delicious. Ready for them? We dare you to try any one of these today to celebrate!



Healthy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes via Nutritionist in the Kitch



ChocoChicken in Los Angeles

While we don’t have a recipe, we challenge you to infuse your chicken with a chocolaty twist!




Chocolate Chicken Mole via Ingrid Hoffmann | Food Network

And, of course, we can’t skip dessert! If you really must have cookies, these are anything but ordinary:


Double Chocolate Cookies via Pretty. Simple. Sweet


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