Vintage Kids TV: Animaniacs Teach Your Kids

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Animaniacs was a crazy cartoon produced by Stephen Spielberg that began airing in 1993. It had only 99 episodes in its entirety, but it was beloved by many viewers. I used to watch this show daily; it aired shortly after Tiny Toon Adventures, which was a similar show that was probably a little better known. The show was centered around the Warner Brothers film lot, where three insane siblings, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, lived in the water tower. There were also some other segments, like the infamous Pinky and the Brain cartoons, as well as the Goodfeathers, a group of pigeons that resembled the Godfather characters. One of the most ingenious parts of this show were the educational skits. They were not only intensely thorough, but set to music so that even if you didn't know what you were saying, you could remember the words. A perfect example is the Nations of the World skit, which has been lauded by geography teachers. But there are also many other areas the show explored. Check out the following videos and see if your kids can get through some of the verses, or if you can:

Nations of the World

The USA Presidents

50 States and their Capitols

The Universe

All the Words in the English Language


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