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Article: Vote for Our Father's Day Bundle Title!

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Vote for Our Father's Day Bundle Title!

Mamas and papas, we need your help! Father's Day is just around the bend and we can't decide on a name for our special Father's Day Bundle. So we're asking you what you think the title should be! The bundle includes Lullaby Renditions of: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Radiohead and Weezer. ......9609_lrg_150x150 027297968929 9675_250x250 9603_lrg_150x150 Print Vote for your favorite bundle name below to help us choose. Add a comment telling us what you love about being a dad or what you love about the dad in your life and who knows, you might just win the bundle!

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For dads that rock.


Hubby would love this pack! He loves the Metallica rendition he got afew years back (so do our daughters)

Rach Kershaw

It should be “Rockabye Baby-Daddy”! : )


What I love most about my dad… I attribute my love of music to him. Although our musical tastes are a bit different, he listened to music in the house all the time when I was growing up. I truly feel that this is why I now have music playing in my life almost constantly. I couldn’t have asked for a better father.


My hubby and I just became parents! I must say he is the best, he helped me through every second of the pregnancy always singing and reading to my baby. He loves rock so plays all kinds to our baby, I couldn’t ask for a better husband and my son for a better daddy. He helped me in every push and baby was out perfect! Happy Father’s Day to the best! Mine!


The dad in my life, who would love the Father’s Day Bundle, is the step-father to my 2 grandsons. This man not only loves my daughter, but loves her 2 sons as if they were his own. He has taken on so much at such a young age and never even whispered a complaint. His parenting skills are better than most men twice his age. Oh, BTW, he and my daughter are expecting twins, a boy and girl, in 2 months. No worries on what kind of father he will be to them. Being a step-father is an alternative type of parenting, that’s why I voted for the title “Alternadad” for the bundle.

Vanessa Travis

My husband and I are expecting our first child, and I can’t wait to see what a wonderful father he will be! He is already a great, supportive, and invested daddy to our baby-to-be!

Nicole V

Our little Man was delivered to your Pearl Jam album. Song was Given to Fly. He has been listening to the album again to go to sleep of a night time. 10 months on and he’s still gotta loving for Pearl Jam Rockabye Baby

Siarn Rosekrans

Being a dad has opened my eyes up to a whole new kind of love I had no idea existed. It’s cliche but seriously the most incredible thing in the world to watch MY kid grow and learn.

Derrick H.

I know the pack is for Father’s Day, but “Alternative Parenting” covers both parents — which is perfect if Mom rocks out, too!


My dad is my hero…….yup our father/daughter dance at my wedding was an acoustic version of Foo Fighters My Hero <3


Paternal Rock

Stephan Martinez

My punk-rock daughter has punk-rock parents! I’m so glad to be able to pass on our love of all things musical to her. She couldn’t be luckier in the love of her family :)


I love my dad for teaching me to always be myself

Sara Friend

My Dad is such a wonderful grandfather to my kids and my siblings kids. He is so involved in every aspect of their lives. We are so lucky to have him in our lives.


My husband has been such a huge help with our two little ones! I can’t imagine what parenting would be like without him. We both love all your renditions and this would be an awesome collection to surprise him with since I couldn’t keep his other gift a secret! (Austin City Limits festival tickets in Oct!)


The dad in my life that would love this bundle is my boyfriend. He is the best father a son could ask for to my son even though he doesn’t have to be, and he loves music and teaching my son about music. My son has listened to the TOOL renditions since he was an infant, and I think this bundle would make a great “bonding” time activity for my son and my boyfriend.


My husband, and our son are the two most amazing and poitier in my life. My husband has been such a huge help with our son in the hospital. He gets to come home this weekend after.almost 3 months!
I love both of my boys!

Briana reed

My husband and I have enjoyed your Pink Floyd rendition for several years. I introduced him to it when I played it for my daughter’s bedtime music. As we are trying for our first child together this would be the perfect gift for Father’s day.

Melanie H

My husband is a great dad to our 2 boys and he’s begging me for a third. He loves being a dad and ranks it as his top priority. This is a bundle we would both love!


This will be my 42-year old partner’s 2nd Father’s Day, and I know he’d get a kick out of this bundle. Actually, he gets a kick out of everything relating to daddyhood, lol. Our now 15-month old son first heard Pearl Jam live in utero (Montreal 9/7/11), and the lullaby versions of their songs still put him to sleep when all else fails.


My hubby deserves this because he’s the best Papa ever. The best thing in the world is seeing him and my beautiful baba snuggled up or playing together. He found Rock a Bye baby when searching for music for me whilst in labour. You’re a real family favourite now!

Clare Carson

One of the best parts about being a dad is forcing them to listen to good music.


My hubby and I have become first time parents so its a ne jorney for both f his and thankfully my loving Dad is helping him out.

diana m

Ooh, I thought when seeing this on FB that you guys meant WE had to come up with a name. In that case I’d have said “You rock” or “Dad rocks”, hehe. May include a rock to the package of course, oh my, think my dad got at least 2 rocks for father’s day…

Buut I’d love to surprise my hubby-to-be (and myself too), just the day after he’ll no longer be the “bf”. Also hope beeb #2 will appreciate this at the end of August. So far bf’s doing great as a dad. <3


What a great prize pak..though it could use some Queens of the Stone Age in my opinion. Daddy to be will love backing these up with his bass guitar!

Olivia Rubin

Hoping to win this bundle for a future dad in my life. :)


It’s my husband’s first Father’s Day, and I love that he is so incredibly dedicated to our family. He even gave up his career to stay home with our daughter so that I could continue mine! He loves to listen to music with our daughter, and this bundle would really make his day.


My bff from high school is about to be a first time dad. I would love to give him this set…

Becca C.

My husband is everything to our kids that my own father wasn’t to my siblings and me growing up. It makes my heart swell with love and pride to know that our kids have someone worth their unconditional love and adoration. He treats his stepdaughter like a princess and our first together, only 5 weeks old, is a new and precious person to him. I can’t say enough about him. He’s the best man I’ve ever met.


My husband would love this pack!


I love how i can see me on my twins and at the same time how i now understand my dad

ivan sagahon

My husband is an amazing father. He loves to get our two year old involved in music by playing the guitar and making up silly songs for them to sing. I love watching her dance around while daddy jams out on the guitar.


This could be used to calm my babies AND their father ;)


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