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Article: Vote for Our Mother’s Day Bundle Title


Vote for Our Mother’s Day Bundle Title

CLOSED! Congratulations to our winner Shana F.! We need your expertise! Mother's Day is right around the corner and we can't decide on a title for our BIG Mother's Day Bundle. So we're calling on you, our trusted lullaby lovers, to give us a hand!


Includes Lullaby Renditions of: Led Zeppelin, More The Beatles, Muse, The White Stripes, Bob Marley, Queen, and Foo Fighters Vote for your favorite bundle name below to help us choose. Add a comment telling us what you love about being a mom or what you love about the mom in your life and who knows, you might just win the bundle!

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I love being a mom for the sheer fact that my two daughters when they first see me in the morning are always so excited. I have never had a better good morning greeting than two grinning girls, that cheer with glee “Mama!” at the sight of me, or run to the door when I get home from work with happiness that I came home! I would never trade that for anything else in the world!


I love when my daughter falls asleep in my arms. She gets so comfortable and relaxed. Its very peaceful.

What I love about my mom is her desire to make sure I am happy and will go out of her way to make sure I am.


One of the best things about being a mom is suddenly realizing your capacity for love. I look at my kids even when they have S**t all over themselves and I’m like “Wow, I can really love something this unconditionally!”

Kelly D.

One thing I love about being a mom is seeing my kids grow and learn new things every day. It amazes me.

Daniela W

I love watching my son develop their own unique personalities and discover new things.

LeAnndra Cannon

I love being told I love you, whether it’s verbal or sign.


The thing I love about being a mom is feeling needed and loved. It’s amazing to see my LO change everyday.

Amanda M

I love to watch my baby learn and reach milestones.

Mitzi R.

I love hearing Matthew laugh everyday and watching him grow into a little man. His intelligence amazes me!!


I love being a grandma! And even though my grandkids are too young to bring to a MUSE concert, letting them enjoy Rockabye Baby renditions of MUSE will be just as awesome. Olivia (3) already enjoys the smashing pumpkins, pearl jam, and the cure renditions! Thank you for being there for us.


I love mommy! Especially when my kiddos snuggle me!

Moni Lynn

What I love about being a Mother is knowing that my life now feels complete. Never in a million years could I have ever imagined how much my daughter would change my life. She is the reason why I stay up countless hours trying to teach myself ASL so that I can teach her something that I have alway wanted to do. Watching her blossom everyday is simply the best! I cannot imagine missing out on anything in her life, she is my LittleLove!

Nohemi Luna

The best thing about going to be a Mum (7 Weeks left) is feeling the bump rock out to music, can’t wait to meet them!

Vicky Clark

My Mom is a SuperMom!


I love the way my mother supports me in everything I do (or try to do!)

Sara Friend

My favorite thing about being a Mom is being able to act like a child again…and remembering fun things from my own childhood that I had forgotten about :)

Sarah Deering

I would actually call it “the bad mother-shut yo mouth!”


I’m a new mom, baby Caden is 15 days old and I love every minute I spend with him. We go on walks, hang out, and sleep (a lot!) I can’t imagine life without him. We love to listen to music together too – I really love that I can listen to my favorites and he can enjoy them too. The Radiohead CD reminds me of when Caden’s daddy and I were dating- great memories. Now he can enjoy too!

Nicole Gewecke

Love the look of sheer delight on my 9month old son’s face when he wakes up in the morning, he’s like ‘yeah mummy, let’s rock today!!’ and that he’s more interested in MTV Rocks than the Disney channel ha!


I’m still no mom yet (we’re working on!), But I guess the best thing is to sleep next to my baby and feel her breath and feel your heartbeat next to me, knowing that at least the first few years of his life depend me and be my responsibility to make him a good person.
I guess the best thing about being a mom is that this little baby is part of me and the person I love most, my husband.

Elizabeth L

What I love most about being a mum to 2 beautiful little girls is hearing their little giggles. Nothing lights up my day more than the sound of their happiness.


I love being a mum for this reason. I woke up this morning to my beautiful son’s smiling face. I said ‘hi baby!’ and he smile and proceeded to spit on me. Love means laughing when your child spits in your face <3


the mother of my children is fantastic with our boys. She is an amazing mother. She goes above and beyond for our boys.

Jarrod Cannon

I love being a mom as it is a true gift! Zeke was a surprise and one that has kept us feeling again and again blessed. He lights up my days and I love your cd’s as he love to dance and at night I’m sharing my old school and favorite memories of my favorite beloved music with him. We have all the cd’s from both Beatles to journey to cure and the stones..and I would love to have the mother load ;) happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the moms on the planet love and music languages! Shana g and z Dallas Texas


I love everything about being a mom. My children have made me a better person. I am more patient, more kind, I appreciate things more. They are the reason I do everything I do. They are my inspiration. I long for their cuddles. And even on the rough days…I adore when they call me mommy.


Being a mom is such an awesome feeling! You get to find out what love really is. I never thought the love of my life would be bald and toothless!

Kelly Jester

My daughter is an amazing mother and I love watching her raise her sons to be fine, independent, respectful men!

Beth Gouge

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