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Article: We Will Rock You To Sleep! Sneak Peek of Our New Rockabye to Queen

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We Will Rock You To Sleep! Sneak Peek of Our New Rockabye to Queen

9653_250x250 Queen is coming! Queen is coming! You can stop emailing us, Brian May (kidding, we'd be thrilled). Our newest new-favorite CD, Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Queen, is available May 19 and we have a sneak peek for you. Check it out! Producer Leo Flynn II took our clunk and tinkle philosophy to new heights on this one. What say ye: yea or nay? Bohemian Rhapsody: Under Pressure:


OMG – this is fabulous…I have many ROCKABYE CD’s…and this sounds like it’s one of the best… while the baby is sleeping soundly to a little Bohemian Rhapsody, it will sure make chore time a little more enjoyable!!

Mother of 3 Crazy kids

Thank you so much for doing Queen! It rocks!!!

Sammy's Mommy

Sounds awesome, I cannot wait!


I’ve been waiting for this one. And with another one on the way, it’s perfect.


I can’t wait for this one… SOUNDS AWESOME ! ! !

Adrian Rodriguez

Queen Fan
THIS IS FABULOUS! As a Grandmom I just love it. What a wonderful and creative sound, so soft and tender, who would think Bohemian Rhapsody & Under Pressure would make a great lullaby. I myself could listen to this over & over, The little ones will love it. Can’t wait for more. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Only for little tykes? I can’t wait to get it for myself so I too can sleep soundly. So peaceful … I want to mass produce it and play it over the entire world for world peace. Absolutely fabulous.

Harmonious Bach

Who could listen to this without singing along in their heads. The baby may be sleeping but mommy’s rocking out!


I can’t wait for this one. It sounds super!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It makes me smile! I can hear alternate lyrics forming already …“Mama….ooh ooh ooh! I don’t wanna cry, just need some sleep to get me to tomorrow. Carry on, carry on!”…Can’t wait!


I wish my kids were young again I’d buy this immediately and I will for friends of mine who just gave birth. This is a fun and original idea. The tunes are soothing to say the least.

Jeff S

I love Queen! Thanks for making this album. These two songs sound so CUTE and FUN!! I cannot wait for the rest of the album.

Jenny 12

We just had a baby two days ago, and my husband loves Metallica. I thought I would do some research to see if there wasn’t anything out there that combined Metallica and lullaby’s. I found you guys! We got it on itunes and it’s FANTASTIC!! I was disappointed because I love Queen, and come to find out that you guys are on the ball. I cannot wait to get it! The samples got me super pumped. Keep up the great work!


Oh my goodness, it’s awesome!! I can’t wait! Well done!


This is absolutely wonderful! As an aunt of 8 I here entirely to much of the same music, but this is such a wonderful change of pace! Forget children, this should be played in the office for adults!


Yes, I will buy this for the baby shower I’m going to in a month….and yes, I will buy myself a secret cd as well and enjoy bedtime as it was meant to be enjoyed.


AWESOME, I can totally relive my glory days while putting the baby to sleep… Thanks you guys rock


[…] to check out our new Queen-themed print & play activities, go Radio Ga Ga with our exclusive sneak peek of two tracks, and check back here daily for new Queen […]

You are the Champions: Win One of Ten Lullaby Renditions of Queen CDs! | Rockabye Baby!

We’re so happy you like what you hear! Don’t forget, the album comes out this Tuesday… All next week on the blog we’re posting features, contests, and activities related to Queen, plus a great interview with producer Leo Flynn II, so don’t forget to stop by!


Rockabye Baby!

Great job by Rockabye Baby and Mr. Flynn! Cant wait to get the album!

Dale Ortega

Without a doubt, the BEST version of “Under Pressure” I have ever heard. So soothing and relaxing, I almost fall asleep every time I listen to it. Should come in handy about 20 weeks from now. Looking forward to the full-length album.


White Noise Machines …

Will Rock You To Sleep! Sneak Peek of Our New Rockabye to Queen | Rockabye Baby![…]…

White Noise Machines

[…] hear what they’re talking about? Check out two full-length tracks here.  Also, be sure to check out our new Queen-themed print & play […]

Killer Queen: Reviews Coming in for Lullaby Renditions of Queen! | Rockabye Baby!

[…] P.S. Go here to enter to win one of ten Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Queen CDs! Or go Radio Ga Ga Goo Goo with a skeak peek of our new album here. […]

Before They Were Rock Stars: Queen Quiz | Rockabye Baby!

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