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Article: What Is Your Favorite Holiday Story?

What Is Your Favorite Holiday Story?

What stories move you most this time of year? A beloved Christmas classics? A Hollywood cult favorite (insert A Christmas Story here)? Or is something more personal? We checked in with members of the Rockabye Team and asked them:

What is your favorite holiday story?

My favorite is actually my own story. I always loved Christmas trees as a child and I remember one year asking my mum if we could get one but was told that we couldn’t afford it that year. I remember being disappointed but not heartbroken, more “c’est la vie” than devastation. Anyway, about a week later, just days before Christmas my mum asked me to look in the front garden. There was a perfect Christmas tree that someone had apparently dumped. We lived across the road from a convent and as much as my parents are both nonbelievers, I couldn’t help thinking the nuns had a hand in it somehow. Magical.Hannah “The Night Before Christmas” because it captures the excitement, the anticipation, and traditions of modern-day Christmas, and/or A Christmas Carol because it reinforces the real message behind Christmas.Scott achristmascarol   My favorite story is the first story I remember my parents ever telling me, and it’s a simple one: I sent my mom to the hospital Christmas evening—and then I was born 10 minutes after midnight. How’s that for a gift? #birthstoryFirst-Time Mommy P.S. That’s not my dad in the photo, that’s my mom’s doctor. firstimemommy_birth   I remember the time my entire family rented a cabin up at Lake Arrowhead when I was 7 and it was like a National Lampoon movie: there was a possible gas leak so everyone freaked that the place was going to explode (there wasn’t and it didn’t), everyone fell down on the ice that covered the driveway, I decided to “rescue” two dogs and brought them to the cabin, and we basically stole a Christmas tree.Rockabye Grrl     

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