What’s in Your Music Collection?

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Who cares about coffee table books, it’s all about people’s music collections as far as we’re concerned. So, today, we’re sharing some shots of our team members’ pride and joys. (Not all of us have kids, y’know!)


First-Time Mommy’s “Chest of Musicosities” “I’ll give you three words to describe my collection: Never give up! I appreciate digital downloads, but I live for what I can hold.”


 Ms. Rockabye's "Record/VHS Corner" "Now, we have far more CDs than records and far more DVDs than VHS but we choose to display the former in tribute to the past. Think VHS will make the same comeback as vinyl?"

kylerock Rockabye Team Member Kyle's "Media Oasis" "Records, movies, books, art, guitar, Xbox: All you could ever need."

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