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Article: What You Could Learn from Your Child’s Foot Shape


What You Could Learn from Your Child’s Foot Shape

footshape-fb Ever wondered what you could learn from your child’s foot shape? People often examine a person’s hands . . . but why not look downward for insight? I’ve always been very conscious about my feet. They’re quite big for a person of my size, and got bigger since having a child. But it wasn’t so much the length of my feet that I was conscious of as I was with the length of my toes and their differences in height. You see, I was told at a very young age that when a person’s second toe is longer than the big toe, it means your mom will outlive your dad. (Yes, my family/culture is very superstitious.) I’m not going to tell you if history supports this in my family because I don’t want you to be superstitious. Needless to say, it was too early for me to be even introduced to the thought of either of my parents dying . . . ever. Is there anything that can be learned by your foot shape? There are people who actually do foot readings to reveal your past and present. For instance, if someone has calloused feet, why would he/she continue to wear shoes that don’t fit or are uncomfortable? Other articles have talked about particular foot shapes associated with certain personalities. See if you agree with the below. roman foot There’s the Roman Foot (aka “common foot”), which have the toes sloping downward in a gradual line. Some personality traits: practical, methodical, and loyal or outgoing and open to new things.greek foot Here’s a Greek Foot (aka “fire foot”), like mine, which has a longer second toe than not just the big toe, but all the toes. A long second toe indicates a person who has leadership qualities. Other personality traits: positive and resourceful but also bossy. square foot One shape I don’t see that often is the Square Foot (aka “Peasant Foot), where most of the toes are the same length. Some personality traits: apparently not unlike the Romans, they are reliable and practical. strecthed foot There’s the Stretched Foot, which is long with fused toes and toe that tapers up. Some personality traits: very private with the potential to be impulsive. wide foot The Wide Foot folk have “worker” feet. Personality trait: always on the move.

What groups do you and your child fall into?

Looking at my kid’s foot shape she indeed has a taste for adventure but is also methodical (and getting more so). She also has a very small little toe that signals a person who doesn’t like responsibility and always looks for entertaining diversions. Translation: a child. While I don’t believe in this or astrology, I think it’s fun to give any physical feature a second look as you definitely might notice things you didn’t before. I do like the positive spin on the longer second toe versus the more morbid future I was raised with. grandparents day

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