What's the Buzz? The Irony of Parenting and Much More!

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There’s been a bit of buzz about Rockabye Baby lately . . . thanks to fans like you. Click on the quotes below to find out more about What the Buzz is going on: from the inspiration behind our latest release and Buzzfeed’s lullaby picks to facts you may not know about Rockabye Baby.   The biggest irony of parenting is you have this baby that's so cute and so loved, but sometimes they drive you crazy . . . Rockabye Baby Cofounder Lisa Roth tells Billboard.com, “Pharrell, Beyonce Get Lullabied on New Rockabye Baby Album”   Introduce your baby to the rock gods without causing  premature ear damage. Buzzfeedon Rockabye Baby, “21 Famous Songs You Never Dreamed Could Be Children’s Lullabies”   Each Rockabye Baby album can take anywhere from three-to-eight months to produce.Bizwomen behind the scenes with Rockabye Baby, “Lisa Roth on Van Halen, hawking heavy metal CDs for kids and red M&Ms”  

And here’s some more buzz-worthy news:

Rockabye Baby’s Good Baby, Bad Baby is available now! Get your copy now!



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