Why Canada Rocks

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


Did I ever mention that I'm a wannabe Canadian? I lived a glorious year and a half in Montreal some years back, traveled to Vancouver for Expo '84, got soaked by the falls in Niagara and have visited family in Toronto, as well as the funny-named Mississauga. And I'd go back again and again and again. And, for a long time, I've been a huge fan of bands and performers from across the border, from Malajube and Arcade Fire, in recent years, to Rush - if just for the awesome drum set - and even Anne Murray, who rocks very slowly.  (As I write this, my husband is playing "Danny's Song" on iTunes. He loves that line, "Even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with you honey...") So to celebrate our Canadian friends, we're giving away a Canada Rocks Bundle that includes lullaby renditions of Rush, The Tragically Hip and Nickelback, to one lucky winner.

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Tell us why Canada rocks.

Post your reasons below by Friday, Oct. 18, 8PM PT and you'll be entered into our random draw for the Canada Rocks Bundle. For a bonus entry, tweet this: I entered the @rockabyebaby #WhyCanadaRocks giveaway! http://rocka.by/canadathksgv

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  • @rockabyebaby Here’s 25 reasons why Canada Rocks goo.gl/aF1Yfy Pls add Danny’s Song from @annemurray1 to your collection!

    Tom Graham on
  • Why does Canada rock? Well, in what other country can you find such diverse and distinct cultures cohabitating so close together and yet melding to become such a strong country? Or every possible landscape, from the Rocky Mountains to the flat prairies to the mounds of snow miles deep and sea sides on either end? What other country is united by their love of Tim Horton’s coffee and hockey? And to top it all off, we have enviable health benefits, don’t have to calculate expenses if we need to bring our toddler to the emergency room, rank among the highest in the world for education, and enjoy true freedom of speech and religion. We have a government that will fight for us, not against us (regardless of political leanings), and our social support programs, maternity benefits, employment insurance, and cost of medicine are all high quality. Canada really does rock.

    Alicia Fox on
  • Canada rocks because everyone actually IS really nice. Yay!

    Tracy Xie on
  • Great family roadtrip destinations :)

    Heather Robbins on

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