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Article: Why I’ll Miss “Parenthood”

erika christensen

Why I’ll Miss “Parenthood”

Autumn of 2013 was weird for me; I was going through some bizarre crap. It wasn’t an unhappy time - not in the slightest - but a time of transition, re-evaluation and renewal. And a great time to pick up a new family drama/comedy, eh?!

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At the insistence of a few friends of mine, I began my Parenthood binge,  hammering through 4 1/2 seasons in a few weeks, falling immediately for the Braverman family. Their ups, their downs, how they communicated, how they fought, how they loved one another; everything. The Bravermans made me thankful for my best friends, made me miss my mom and dad, helped ease my regret for always arguing with my sister, showed me life is painful and life is funny, and a lot more. They reminded me what really matters and that’s just what I needed that fall. Only a little more than a year later, the show is in its sixth and final season, with its last episode airing tonight. I, and many of my friends, are aimless in our attempts to cope. I haven’t had this hard of a time with a show ending since The O.C. went off the air in 2007. What are we going to DO?! What now will I turn to for (free) life coaching?!

Well, the plain truth is I'm really not sure. But in lieu of not knowing, all I can think to do is celebrate what I love about this show and what I’ll miss. Rig up the Bob Dylan! 1. The humanity - This is what really got me hooked. Its portrayal of family life is truthful and relatable even when it’s bordering on the cliche. 2. The crying - Haha, hear me out! Being brought to tears by the emotions and moments these characters face has been incredibly cleansing. The big dramatic moments and the small, intimate ones both hold their own in getting me (and I’m sure countless others) to let those crocodile tears stream. I would like to thank Mae Whitman and Monica Potter for being responsible for 80% of my therapeutic weeping. 3. The conflicts - We watch the characters tackle a lot of life’s big hurdles and curveballs, but none of it feels like the “crisis of the week” stuff many other shows fall fate to. Just like in our own lives, their challenges are ongoing and not every obstacle finds a resolution. To see people overcome or navigate through these hurdles, whether for the better or for the worse, is comforting and encouraging. 4. The characters/actors - Not one of these characters fall into any one category like “the villain,” or “the good guy” (well, maybe Joel), or “the dumb one,” or “the perfect one.” They’re multidimensional just like you or me; a mixed bag of people who are good, bad, controlling, overemotional, etc., etc. Plus, the way these characters are brought to life by the actors is phenomenal. 5. Tyson Ritter - Of course, I will miss the appearances of my one true love, Tyson Ritter, who played the egomaniacal boy-diva, Oliver Rome, lead singer of a fictitious band who recorded at the Braverman brother’s recording studio, the Luncheonette. When I found out he was occasionally on the show I was like “FffffWHAT?!!” AAR for life. So there it is. Just a few of the reasons why I’ll miss Parenthood . . . and it really only scratches the surface. It’s going be hard to say goodbye to the Bravermans tonight,  I'm probably going to have to go into hiding after it's all over and done with because of the irrational, maddened state I'll enter, but just like with the Cohens from The O.C., I’ll always have them and their lessons in my heart (and probably on DVD/Blu-Ray so that I may visit them whenever I please). If you haven’t, I and several other people here at Rockabye Baby, couldn’t recommend enough that you start watching Parenthood. Miss you all already, Braverman Family.


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