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whymondays My dear friend Anne used to describe what she called the "Oh Sh*t Feeling" she'd always experience on Sunday. Why? Because the dreaded day that came next: Monday. I've caught that feeling, too, now that I'm working a regular 9-to-5 job and Monday means baby goes to daycare and thus starts the week when she is spending more waking hours with caregivers than her parents. Yup, it's tough. So I try to keep things positive, which led to the challenge: Why Mondays Don't Suck. Here's what I came up with so far: 1) There are six federal holidays that land on a Monday. Though I'm not certain I get all of them off. 2) For the dudes during fall, Monday Night Football. 3) The return of fresh seafood! 4) Babies are being born every day.

Can you help me and everyone else who dreads today, Monday, come up with reasons to look forward to it?

Post your reasons below by Friday, Sept. 27, 8 PT and you'll be entered into our random giveaway to win our Starter Bundle to help make the start of your week ROCK!

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  • I get to see my sweet baby Benjamin’s face which makes every day, even Mondays, perfect.

    Kristin B on
  • Mondays are good because my kids love to ride the school bus to school.

    Misty on
  • Mondays rock because:
    1. I am home with a sick boy and we are having fun
    2. You get to see your co workers again
    3. Can set new goals – like a reset button!
    4. You’re the most rested of the week.

    Ashley Farris on
  • Mondays let you start the week over with a clean slate.

    Emily on
  • Mondays don’t suck Mondays are like mini New Years… With mini resolutions. They’re so much easier to stick to! Plus mon = my in French. So it’s my day and I’m making it EPIC.

    Kevin on

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