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Article: Why Your Grandparents Rock


Why Your Grandparents Rock

With Grandparents Day upon us, we invite you to give thanks for the grandparents in your life.Happy Grandparents Day Card I’m incredibly grateful that my parents are so involved in my daughter’s life. I know I’m very lucky in this respect. Not every kid has grandparents in their 70s who can keep up with them. (I can’t keep up with these senior citizens most of the time. They’ll out-party any of you.) This is what love looks like in our family: playing music together. This is us at our happiest. grandparents day I was raised with music: learning piano, taking singing lessons, forced to perform with my sisters for guests (something I’m guilty of now doing to my daughter) as my father played the guitar, singing for hours on road trips, and don’t let me get started on the decades of performances my “Karaoke King” father has subjected me to. And I wouldn’t take any of it back. My daughter’s grandparents rock because . . .
  • they sing and dance with her,
  • they bring us dinner once a week,
  • my mom plays Legos until midnight with her,
  • my dad saves empty toilet paper rolls for her craft projects,
  • they forgive her when she’s mean to them,
  • they’ll stay up with her when I can’t,
  • they forgive me when I’m mean to them,
  • they bring out the best in her (and she in them).
So, go on, now it’s your turn.

Tell Us Why Your Grandparents Rock!


Grandparents Who Rock

Here’s your chance to win a selection of two (2) Rockabye Baby CDs of your choice (or theirs), to help them with their babysitting duties!

Just post your reason or reasons why grandparents rock in the comments below by Friday, September 18, at 8 pm PT, for your chance to win your favorite lullaby renditions. Three (3) lucky winners will be randomly selected from eligible entries. See full rules here

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