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Article: Why Your Kids Rock Giveaway!

Baby Music

Why Your Kids Rock Giveaway!

Happy Universal Children's Day! I don't have many close friends or family with kids who can be considered "children" right now (outside of my cousin who has 4 boys under the age of 5...yeah, he has his hands full, but Christmas is going to be hilarious). Anyway, it bums me out a little because kids are rad. Even the kids that are kind of jerks can be rad. As a former swimming instructor, I connected with a lot of my students. From watching them perfect their backstrokes, to encouraging them to take the jump off the high board or finally convincing them (really just one of them) they didn't need to pee in the pool to be cool; not much has been more rewarding than seeing those kids succeed. I miss them . . . they're probably like 20 now. However, I did receive some good news: My best friend's sister gave birth to her first child a few weeks ago and I am over the moon with excitement about being his "aunt" and possible swimming instructor. If he's anything like his mom and dad, he's going to be one funny kid. So let's celebrate your kids and all the kids in the world today with a little giveaway!



Post why your kid rocks below by Sunday, November 24 at 8 pm PT. Five (5) total winners will be selected to win any Rockabye Baby CD of their choosing. CLOSED! Congrats to our winners: Chelsea, Jennifer M., Nise, Patrice A., and Catherine D!  


because when I was pregnant & everybody was telling me to play classical music form him I played bob marly, led zeppelin, Queen & Adele … that’s why skyfall & One love are only a few of his jams now that he is 11 months old :) I love to roackabye my baby with your Rockabye baby love IT!!!!!


Our 2 yr old son rocks because he is an amazing, caring and loving big brother to our 10 week old son.

kerri brocker

One reason my kid rocks is because at 14 months she is always up for playing percussion instruments on pots and pans, her bed, or wherever. She is also already an awesome crowd surfer, always wanting to climb up and jump off of the couch, her dad, or wherever.

Beth Kelley

My three-year-old girl is potty training now, and since she loves music, I’ve given her an outlet to help. When we think she’s close to going poopie on the potty, we “jump dance” to some music to help nature along. I hold her hands and she jumps up and down, and off the couch, and usually within two songs, nature is calling.

Don Francis

My son rocks because he sings while helping me with dishes.

Monica Mewhinney

My daughter Ava rocks because as of this point she has beaten the odds and shown everyone how strong she is. When I was 34 weeks pregnant they found a large cystic region on her brain at 36 weeks and five days they decided to deliver me by c section because she was having problems with a valve narrowing in her heart. She was born October 25th of this year and immediately had to be intubated because she wasn’t breathing. She spent two weeks in the Nicu because she couldn’t eat,breathe, or maintain her temperature on her own. While we are the Nicu we had a MRI done of her brain and they found out that she had a major bleed called a grade four IVH. We have no idea how this May or may not affect her in the future but she is the center of our universe and we love her with all our heart. She has now been home two weeks today and she is gaining weight and impressing her pediatrician. My daughter rocks because no obstacle is too big for her to overcome

Cathrine DeBoer

My kid rocks. He likes to go to restaurants, the grocery store, anywhere, in his Iron Man costume. Nothing softens up potentially grumpy strangers in public more than seeing a child living out their dream for all to see.

Generally my son is very shy, but in his costume, he smiles and waves at everybody.

Rachel Hyzy

My 13 month baby girl, Molly, rocks because has the best dance moves around! She loves to bounce around and have dance parties all day long!

Tiffany Adkins

My daughter rocks because at 2.5 months old she is rocking a (natural) Mohawk and falls asleep listening to Pearl Jam tunes \m/

Nayel Urena

My oldest rocks because he’s so into Minecraft and Hero Brian apparently chases us everywhere. My youngest rocks because at 3, he’s nonverbal, but learning sign language like a boss and trying so hard.


My babe rocks because she turns even the grumpiest people on their heads when we are out. She waves and smiles at everyone, stretching as far out of the cart as possible to make sure the person has seen her and waves back. She seems to thinks everyone is a “fan” – and why not? She bounces and dances in the cart to the music in her head. At just one year old, we know we already have a STAR on our hands!


My lil guy rocks from the top of his head to the tips of his toes! even his name rocks, he is called Rocka Sixx and he was born to rock! :)

Lisa LA Axtell

My 4months old rocks because she already is deciding what we listen in the car. Green day is on of her favorites!!


13 mounth old and swings and tapdance like no one else ! Favorite tunes beastie boys, beach boys, M.I.A. You say party! We say die! A pretty good singer too but i may be biased (?)


My kid spent her very rough first 6 days in the NICU, but has spent pretty much every day since smiling and making other people smile! She’s fun, funny, kind, thoughtful, and generous. Now 12, she still goes to sleep listening to one of your CDs every night (she has a big collection of them). When she was smaller, she loved to recognize which song from each artist she was hearing on them. She’s been going to concerts since she was 13 months old, and is a regular little groupie now (front row, meeting artists, has a huge drumstick/guitar pick collection). She plays piano, ukelele, and harmonica (so far). Her favorite band is the Beatles. She has a b-day “thing” with B.B. King where we see him live every year for her birthday (which is close to his), and she goes up after the show to say “Happy Birthday” to him. She \m/ ROCKS \m/ because we have an excellent concert buddy in her! She rocks in general. :)
p.s. She has some suggestions for you regarding doing a line of Blues covers ;)


My kids rock because our oldest son is 4 years old and has mastered the “rock on” hand sign and he tries so hard to get his 7 month old brother to copy him, even though he can’t! Both my boys have the ability to be so silly which is awesome to see as they make anyone around them smile!!

Kristi Kocherkewych

My 21 mo old rocks because after a life threatening pregnancy and birth, she was a trooper and a fighter. Now she is a trip who sings and dances any chance she can. She won’t sleep or nap without one of her Rockabye Baby CDs playing…we even have downloads on our phone if one happens to be forgotten while traveling. She is a big helper and one of the best behaved, coolest kids ever! She makes her dad and I laugh, and brings us up on the crappiest of days!


My kid, little Jacob ( 7 months ), rocks not only for the excitement in which he shows for any musical intstrument he is put in front of to play, ie: piano, acoustic guitar, drums, but because both of his parents are passionate musicians, and lead singer of our bands, whenever we sit him down either in front of the tv, or the computer to watch us perform on a recording his eyes light up SO BIG, and he says ooooooooooh! and then tries to “sing” along. He gets so excited and will watch with such intent, just like when he plays his instruments. I as a parent, as a musician, could not be happier that my son is showing a love for music that I have in my heart as well. That, makes my kid ROCK! :)

Kristen Wiles

My 2 year old son literally “rocks”- he has a guitar that he loves to play, has his “dancing” hat that makes him boogie, and loves to sing in the shower, pretending the shower head is a microphone. It’s awesome to watch!


my little boy rocks because he is full of positive energy, smiles and hugs.


My 6 month old, Arthur, rocks because after driving from Philadelphia,PA to Columbus,OH and back again in 72 hours he changed the pants off of everyone at the rest stop. Particularly, the fellas in the bathroom on the turnpike during diaper changes. When he fussed, the lullaby version off the Ramones instantly pacified and lulled him to sleep. Hoping it primes his little brain for good musical tastes!


My kids(students) rock!!!
I’m a special education assistant in a class for children with developmental disabilities. Our kids are middle school age but learn using alternate methods. Music is a constant source of enjoyment and enrichment in our classroom.
They love the Rockabye Baby CD’s that we already play (The Beatle’s and Radiohead)
And even though they are non-verbal, they lift their heads and hum along!!
………..and we love the music too!

Janelle Love

ive got 4 kids. they all rock in their own ways. my oldest is very bright and talented, my next is very sympathetic, my next is comical and the baby, well, he’s a baby and they rock all around lol


My kid rocks his autism colors and is always such a positive 12 year old :)


They take care of each other!


My kid rocks because he would rather listen to music than watch TV. (I hope it stays that way forever!)


My son rocks because he is our dream come true. We adopted him when he was 12 days old and have played music for him every day of his life. He is kind, caring, and loves to sing along with all the music he hears. He has a speech delay, so music really helps him express himself. One of the first gifts he got after he came home was the Queens of the Stone Age rockabye baby cd. It’s probably no surprise that “queens” is this 2 year olds favorite band, and that he wants to play drums and guitar every day!

Elisabeth Jurkiewicz

I have a 3 year old son and a 18-month-old son who both rock!! My oldest has autism and is non verbal but he’s the sweetest, most laid back lil guy who loves music. He’s lil bother as we call him is a stinker but he also loves dancing to music!!

Nicole T

My daughter rocks because at 1, she understands that a smile and kisses can make anyone’s day! She kisses everyone who comes I other classroom and waves goodbye when she leaves!

Christine Smith Olsey

My baby girl rocks simply because she exists! I wasn’t supposed to have any kids, but about 16 months ago I got a surprise from my doctor, and seven months ago we got a beautiful, smart, healthy, happy little girl! And, she lives to sing and dance. If there’s music playing, and in our house there usually is, she will sing along and bounce.


My 15 month-old son rocks because he does anything to make you smile. He loves dancing to whatever music he hears, even while in the baby carrier.

Julie A.

Trent rocks because at 16 months, he dances hid heart out and bobs his head to the Black Keys! Rock star baby!


My kid rocks because he is such a performer. He loves music and sings at the top of his lungs any time he knows (or just likes) a song. He is the silliest 2 year old I’ve ever known and makes the world a better place!


My 2yr ols rocks because she is caring,cute and sweet.

Shirisha Prodduturi

My lil’ 1 year old daughter rocks when she boogies down to Neptune Turtle & the sweet sounds of lullaby Bon Jovi…“It’s My Life”.
I hope that doesn’t mean anything!


My 10 month old son jumps and clap everytime i play any rock music..and doing dadadada like he wants to sing..


My kid Jagger rocked my world when he came into it one week ago. My heart has exploded and I look forward to every second watching him show me his rock star every day.


Our son rocks, literally. He likes to listen to acdc in the car on the way to kindergarten and goes to sleep listening to led zep, bowie or sometimes audioslave.

Rock on little dude.


Patrice Allen

My boys rock through their personalities. After both being born premature and overcoming NICU stays, it has been fun to see how they are both developing their own personalities. Big brother loves playing with baby brother. I could sit for hours and watch the conversations the 3 year old has with the 9 month old. I look forward to seeing how they continue to build on their brother bond.


My son Maxwell rocks, because at 5 months, he’s already been to my Jazz big band shows, and to jazz festivals (with ear protection, of course), and loves it! (or sleeps) either way, he loves his Rockabye music, and we can’t wait to add another little musician to the family!

Nik O

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