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Happy Universal Children's Day! I don't have many close friends or family with kids who can be considered "children" right now (outside of my cousin who has 4 boys under the age of 5...yeah, he has his hands full, but Christmas is going to be hilarious). Anyway, it bums me out a little because kids are rad. Even the kids that are kind of jerks can be rad. As a former swimming instructor, I connected with a lot of my students. From watching them perfect their backstrokes, to encouraging them to take the jump off the high board or finally convincing them (really just one of them) they didn't need to pee in the pool to be cool; not much has been more rewarding than seeing those kids succeed. I miss them . . . they're probably like 20 now. However, I did receive some good news: My best friend's sister gave birth to her first child a few weeks ago and I am over the moon with excitement about being his "aunt" and possible swimming instructor. If he's anything like his mom and dad, he's going to be one funny kid. So let's celebrate your kids and all the kids in the world today with a little giveaway!



Post why your kid rocks below by Sunday, November 24 at 8 pm PT. Five (5) total winners will be selected to win any Rockabye Baby CD of their choosing. CLOSED! Congrats to our winners: Chelsea, Jennifer M., Nise, Patrice A., and Catherine D!  

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  • My daughter Ava rocks because as of this point she has beaten the odds and shown everyone how strong she is. When I was 34 weeks pregnant they found a large cystic region on her brain at 36 weeks and five days they decided to deliver me by c section because she was having problems with a valve narrowing in her heart. She was born October 25th of this year and immediately had to be intubated because she wasn’t breathing. She spent two weeks in the Nicu because she couldn’t eat,breathe, or maintain her temperature on her own. While we are the Nicu we had a MRI done of her brain and they found out that she had a major bleed called a grade four IVH. We have no idea how this May or may not affect her in the future but she is the center of our universe and we love her with all our heart. She has now been home two weeks today and she is gaining weight and impressing her pediatrician. My daughter rocks because no obstacle is too big for her to overcome

    Cathrine DeBoer on
  • My kid rocks. He likes to go to restaurants, the grocery store, anywhere, in his Iron Man costume. Nothing softens up potentially grumpy strangers in public more than seeing a child living out their dream for all to see.

    Generally my son is very shy, but in his costume, he smiles and waves at everybody.

    Rachel Hyzy on
  • My 13 month baby girl, Molly, rocks because has the best dance moves around! She loves to bounce around and have dance parties all day long!

    Tiffany Adkins on
  • My daughter rocks because at 2.5 months old she is rocking a (natural) Mohawk and falls asleep listening to Pearl Jam tunes \m/

    Nayel Urena on
  • My oldest rocks because he’s so into Minecraft and Hero Brian apparently chases us everywhere. My youngest rocks because at 3, he’s nonverbal, but learning sign language like a boss and trying so hard.

    Brandi on

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