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Happy Universal Children's Day! I don't have many close friends or family with kids who can be considered "children" right now (outside of my cousin who has 4 boys under the age of 5...yeah, he has his hands full, but Christmas is going to be hilarious). Anyway, it bums me out a little because kids are rad. Even the kids that are kind of jerks can be rad. As a former swimming instructor, I connected with a lot of my students. From watching them perfect their backstrokes, to encouraging them to take the jump off the high board or finally convincing them (really just one of them) they didn't need to pee in the pool to be cool; not much has been more rewarding than seeing those kids succeed. I miss them . . . they're probably like 20 now. However, I did receive some good news: My best friend's sister gave birth to her first child a few weeks ago and I am over the moon with excitement about being his "aunt" and possible swimming instructor. If he's anything like his mom and dad, he's going to be one funny kid. So let's celebrate your kids and all the kids in the world today with a little giveaway!



Post why your kid rocks below by Sunday, November 24 at 8 pm PT. Five (5) total winners will be selected to win any Rockabye Baby CD of their choosing. CLOSED! Congrats to our winners: Chelsea, Jennifer M., Nise, Patrice A., and Catherine D!  

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  • My babe rocks because she turns even the grumpiest people on their heads when we are out. She waves and smiles at everyone, stretching as far out of the cart as possible to make sure the person has seen her and waves back. She seems to thinks everyone is a “fan” – and why not? She bounces and dances in the cart to the music in her head. At just one year old, we know we already have a STAR on our hands!

    Kiersti on
  • My lil guy rocks from the top of his head to the tips of his toes! even his name rocks, he is called Rocka Sixx and he was born to rock! :)

    Lisa LA Axtell on
  • My 4months old rocks because she already is deciding what we listen in the car. Green day is on of her favorites!!

    magdalena on
  • 13 mounth old and swings and tapdance like no one else ! Favorite tunes beastie boys, beach boys, M.I.A. You say party! We say die! A pretty good singer too but i may be biased (?)

    Angela on
  • My kid spent her very rough first 6 days in the NICU, but has spent pretty much every day since smiling and making other people smile! She’s fun, funny, kind, thoughtful, and generous. Now 12, she still goes to sleep listening to one of your CDs every night (she has a big collection of them). When she was smaller, she loved to recognize which song from each artist she was hearing on them. She’s been going to concerts since she was 13 months old, and is a regular little groupie now (front row, meeting artists, has a huge drumstick/guitar pick collection). She plays piano, ukelele, and harmonica (so far). Her favorite band is the Beatles. She has a b-day “thing” with B.B. King where we see him live every year for her birthday (which is close to his), and she goes up after the show to say “Happy Birthday” to him. She \m/ ROCKS \m/ because we have an excellent concert buddy in her! She rocks in general. :)
    p.s. She has some suggestions for you regarding doing a line of Blues covers ;)

    Jo on

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