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You've got to admit, one of the coolest ways to show someone you care is to make that person a mixtape.
It's not something you can just throw together in a second; it's something that takes time (much more in the cassette-only days) and thought. It's been a while since someone made me one - though Rockabye has some pretty awesome playlists that I'd like to think have me in mind - but I haven't given a mixtape to anyone in years, either. That's going to change... I dug into my collection recently to pick a couple of my most treasured mixtape gifts that brought back some great memories: all-nighters, incredible road trips, amazing friendships and, no doubt, amazing music. I was introduced to most of my favorite bands this way, not through the radio, but through friends.


Case in point: The Bunnies Candy Chews mix my friend Derek gave me when we were in college. It was definitely the most uniquely decorated mixtape I ever received. But, man, check out these songs and artists:


Laurie Anderson

Mazzy Star

"Mr. Roy Orbison"

My Bloody Valentine

This Mortal Coil

 "Throwing Moose" (Muses)

DCD (Dead Can Dance)

Fast-forward a bit to the rise of the CDs, and among my most treasured mixes are from my friend Kris, who made me not one, but a two-volume "mixtape" that I played the hell out of.


Are there some songs you dig on these mixes? I must thank Derek and Kris and so many other friends and family who shared the music they loved with me. Best. Gifts. Ever. (P.S. That's my friend Anne's painting in the background. She didn't do mixtapes but she gave me great art that was mixed media.) For today's giveaway, tell us below: Share a memory of a mixtape that you treasure and why.  Feel free to even post the song/band list! Share your mixtape stories with us by Friday, Aug. 30 at 6 pm ET to enter our random giveaway for our special "Mixtape Trio" package: Lullaby Renditions of Pixies, Prince, and a CD of your choice. One winner will be selected. 027297961227 shop 9692_250x250 Enter as many different mixtape memories as you like, whether it's one you've received or made. The more you enter the greater your chances are of winning! If you win, you just have to promise that you'll use them to make a mixtape. Got it?

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