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Article: 10 Baby Products We’ll Never Give Up


10 Baby Products We’ll Never Give Up


  Just because something says “baby” on it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Take a Rockabye Baby album, for instance. ;) You certainly don’t need a kid as an excuse to listen to it. (We know you college “babies” enjoy us, too. You’ve told us.) You just have to love good music, right ? Same goes for other baby and toddler products that the team here at Rockabye Baby HQ will never give up, no matter how many decades out of diapers we are. 1. Baby wipes to remove makeup and freshen up at music festivals (aka “cleaning the pits”) 2. Graduates Lil’ biscuits as the perfect snack that make us feel forever young 2. Desitin for severely dry, cracked skin — not just for baby’s bottoms! 4. Baby aspirin for those of us with delicate stomachs 5. Diapers for big cleanups, packing breakables and, let’s not forget, for our senior years (and cloth diapers, especially as rags) 6. Baby powder for instant hair “refreshener” — our dry shampoo hack 7. No More Tears baby shampoo, because who wants tears, ever? And perfect for cleaning makeup brushes. 8. A+D Diaper Rash Ointment for tattoos 9. Baby gates for our furry “babes” 10. Pedialyte for when we’ve had a few too many libations. Are you sitting there thinking, I do these things, too? Let’s see what else you have in common with us. Pet peeves, perhaps? Check out our list:



Our Top 16 Pet Peeves

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Such lovely gifts. I have bought some gifts a month ago from Ginger Kids for the birthday of my niece. I bought some bibs, baby thermometer and baby backseat mirror. Do you think this presents are the best?

Sarah L. Dixon

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