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Article: 6 Cool Facts About The Clash


6 Cool Facts About The Clash

The Clash were often referred to as “The Only Band That Mattered,” and during the late ’70s/early ’80s, it was hard to argue with that. They were crucial to the development of the British punk rock scene and paved the way for so many bands that followed in their footsteps.


London Calling press shot

Their imagery, chart-topping songs and attitude made them unforgettable, so in honor of our latest release, Lullaby Renditions of The Clash, here are some fun facts about The Clash that you may not have known: 1. Joe Strummer’s real name was “John Graham Mellor” and his original stage name was Woody Mellor. 2. The band insisted that their 1979 release London Calling, and all their subsequent albums, would be sold at lower-than-standard prices. 3. The Clash's debut album was not originally released in America. However, it sold 100,000 import copies, making it the largest selling import album of its time. 4. The cover of the London Calling album is a homage to Elvis's Rock And Roll LP from 1956. 5. Joe Strummer was a big stamp collector while he was in school. 6. The Clash performed their first show as a band supporting The Sex Pistols.


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