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Article: Awesome Things to Do With Play-Doh

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Awesome Things to Do With Play-Doh

Like I’ve said before, Play-Doh was the sh*t when I was growing up. I generally made pleasant, generic things when I was a tot: flowers, snowmen, and tractors. But a recent conversation had me wondering what I would make today, on National Play-Doh Day, if I had Play-Doh at my disposal. Obviously my taste has changed a bit from when I was 3, right? (Well, I still love fruit snacks and Sunny Delight.) But really, what would I mold now? I asked a few members of the RB staff to join me in a little Play-Doh exercise. It turns out a recent study showed that playing with Play-Doh can be highly therapeutic and stress reducing. So, a few of the Rockabye Baby staff took a little work break! Here’s what we made (turns our our tastes haven't changed that much!):

IMG_2514 A walrus, a penguin and a fish, just chattin'


Surfs up!


"Holy on, I have to just catch my breath!" 

Pretty impressive, huh? What would you mold out of your Play-Doh?   To make your own “play dough,” check out these recipes.

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These are so cute. I would make a Play Doh garden.


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