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Article: Famous Hats in Music


Famous Hats in Music

Don’t let anyone tell you differently: Hats are a way of life. Rock stars and musicians from every different genre would agree with that. Hats offer a fantastic way to show your style, personality, or just to hide a bad hair day. We certainly don’t need a holiday to write about hats, but it is Make a Hat Day today, so not only will we be talking about some of the most famous headgear in music, we’re also giving you a hat . . . to make. Because we’re cool like that. But first, look who made our top hat list:  


(Image via Lester Cohen/WireImage)

Pharrell: Little Skateboard P made headline after headline when he wore this Dudley Do-Right–looking hat at the Grammys last year. This tall drink of water is actually a vintage hat by Vivienne Westwood, an English fashion designer who is credited with many influential things in the fashion world, like bringing punk style to the masses. Pharrell has owned the hat for many years, and has even worn it to other events, but it seemed to make the biggest splash at the Grammys. The hat eventually went up on eBay to raise money for charity From One Hand to Another, and was bought by a lucky hat lover (I secretly wish it was me!) for the reasonable price of $44,100. Listen to our lullaby rendition of Pharrell’s song “Happy” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”


(Image via Wikipedia)

DEVO: New Wave favorite Devo famously wore these red hats during their Freedom of Choice album years, and even more famously in their music video for “Whip It.” It is called an “energy dome” and was designed by band members Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casalez, having been influenced by the German Bauhaus movement as well as Aztec temples. The band wore these hats in many different colors throughout their years together.


(Image via Wikipedia)

Slash: Slash, aka Saul Hudson, the guitarist for Guns N’ Roses has worn his infamous top hat since the ’80s. We all know it, we all love it, but did you know he shoplifted it? That’s right, Slash was on the lookout for a “signature” item before a show in 1985, but since he was low on cash, he decided to swipe it without paying. He also decided when he got home that it looked a little plain, so he tied a belt around it (also shoplifted!). Check out Lullaby Renditions of Guns N’ Roses.  

Frank Sinatra

 (image via Maurice Terrell/King Rose Archives)

Frank Sinatra: Ol’ Blue Eyes had a voice that could simply not be matched — but his style was equally as enviable. Sinatra lived in an era when it was commonplace to see men in suits and fedoras (or other dressy hats) just walking around town. Oh, what a time to be alive! There was just something about the way Frank wore his fedora, though: a slight tilt, not only to the side, but also to the back as well. Effortlessly cool and wholly unique.


(Image via Wikipedia)

Brian Johnson of AC/DC: Before joining AC/DC, Brian was the singer in a well-known British band called Geordie. When the group broke up, he had to take a job as a window fitter and he ended up wearing his trademark driver’s cap to hide his identity. And since he would often go to a gig at a pub straight from work, he would keep the hat on. AC/DC really liked the hat and told Brian he should keep wearing it when he joined the band. Check out Lullaby Renditions of AC/DC.   DIY Hat And now it’s your turn (or your kid’s!) to don a stylish hat, and we have just the one for you!


Make sure to check out out our lullaby renditions of some of the most famous hat wearers in the business! 027297963122goodbabybadbaby027297966529

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Are you going to do a Devo Album? I would buy that in a heart beat!!


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