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Article: Baby's First Thanksgiving: The Good, The Bad and The Tasty

Baby's First Thanksgiving: The Good, The Bad and The Tasty

Is this a little special someone's very first Thanksgiving? Here are some interesting links we found to create a baby-friendly holiday. Babies Today has some yummy sounding Thanksgiving-themed baby food recipes including turkey and cranberry puree, baked acorn squash and sweet potatoes. Going to Grandma's this year? Love to Know Baby offers these tips for traveling with an infant this holiday season. If everyone in your family photos ends up looking demonic, check out this advice from Our365 for snapping great shots this Thanksgiving. Did you promise your mother-in-law you'd be more formal if you hosted this year? How about these funny invites for baby's first Thanksgiving? And of course, why not create a table-scape made of babies? Last but not least we had to share with you this wacky idea from one of Martha Stewart's viewers, who dresses babies up as a traditional Thanksgiving meal to create the weirdest holiday decorations ever. Why? Why ask why, just check out this delightfully loopy video.


We had so much fun for baby’s first thanksgiving because he was old enough to eat some of the table foods. We posted video at


Thank u so much for the comprehensive Tofurkey Day guide! You guys are my favourite blog.


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