Bald & Free Day: Babies Never Have Bad Hair Days Giveaway

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baldandfreeNo one rocks the bald look quite like babies since there's really little they can do but rock it. Lucky for them, they never have to deal with bad hair days. While we're parting and combing, teasing and spraying, our bald friends don't need to lift a finger because they already look perfect! So to celebrate all the bald beauties out there, we want to see your baby showing off his/her shiny noggin (babies with hair are welcome to participate, too!) Post a picture of your bald babe: 1. On our Facebook wall 2. To Twitter (don't forget to mention us @rockabyebaby) 3. To Instagram (mention us here to @rockabyebabymusic) You'll be automatically entered to win 4 Rockabye Baby CDs of your choice! Our winner will be announced Friday, October 11th.

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Now that's not a bad deal, is it?

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