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Article: Bowie Bundle Giveaway


Bowie Bundle Giveaway

It’s no secret: We love David Bowie. His dance moves, his fearlessness to be whoever he wants to be, his memorable films and, of course, his music. So for all you fellow Bowie admirers out there, here’s the ultimate prize package to vie for.


The Bowie Bundle includes Lullaby Renditions of David Bowie on CD and vinyl, plus, our brand new Lullaby Renditions of David Bowie album art bodysuit! To enter just tell us:

What is your favorite Bowie song and why?

Post your answer below by Sunday, July 20, 8 pm PST for your chance to win. One (1) winner will be randomly selected.

For extra entries, share the image above on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter and tag with #BowieBundle a Rafflecopter giveaway


Modern Love

jason pagliughi

time will crawl!


Rebel Rebel!


Ziggy Stardust


I’m Afraid of Americans – I’m still really impressed how effortlessly Bowie was able to create a drum-n-bass style album.


Conversation Piece is my favorite Bowie song. It has such beautiful lyrics and overall just a beautiful song.

Alycia r. Burke-Pelletier

Moonage daydream


The Prettiest Star because me and the kids I nanny for love to dance to its beat!

Jessica Morgan

Rebel Rebel

Jennifer a

Cat People


Modern Love!



Lynsey Buchanan

The Man Who Sold The World
it’s got some of the best lyrics


rebel rebel

meghan bruce

China girl

Heidi F

Life on Mars is amazing!!!


Ziggy Stardust cause I had a dog named Ziggy (after the song) when I was little.

Sam Moyle

Shake It from Let’s Dance because it’s light and fun—not always a side of Bowie that we see.

Sammi Blanchard

moonage daydream :)


Kooks. Love it so much I’ve requested it in my will to be played at my funeral. :)

cat williams

Under Pressure was played for my 9 month old since she was in the womb and has always boogied on down to it.


Life on Mars. Captures longing for adventure and the supreme ennui of being a teenager coupled with a haunting melody.

Kathleen Keenan

Space Oddity


My seven month old’s favorite is Under Pressure. But mine is Golden Years. I like how it was used in A Knights Tale with Heath Ledger and it’s a good dancing song :)

Jessica S

I like Moonage daydream



Amanda Bergman

Favorite song is Little Wonder, just because of how English he sounds on the chorus! Little WAAANNDA YAW.
Or anything of the Labyrinth! Huge man crotch!


Starman is definitely my favourite, reminds me of being a kid and my mam playing to me :-)

Keira Richards

space odissey, such a powerful song


We love rebel rebel. My baby is in love with rockabye baby I hope we win!!

kimmy nichole

Ashes to Ashes because of all the references to Bowie’s earlier works and the bad-ass outro.



Gavin M

Rebel rebel


Moonage daydream. Love you rockabye baby


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