Our Top 16 Pet Peeves

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If someone says they don’t have any pet peeves, that person is in denial. What is life without being annoyed by something — or, in the case of the Rockabye staff, many things?

What’s on your list of pet peeves?

Perhaps a few of yours are on Rockabye Baby’s list of top pet peeves below. Know that by sharing this list with you we’re not looking to trash people, but to reflect on the ridiculous things that drive us crazy. Maybe, just maybe, if we took the time to really examine that which infuriates us, we’ll turn that annoyance into amusement. Here’s hoping, right?

Team Rockabye Baby’s Top 10 16 Pet Peeves


1. People who don’t use their turn signal. 2. Seeing people leave the bathroom without washing their hands. (Turns out we have a lot of bathroom pet peeves. Read on.) 3. People who chew with their mouths open. 4. The whole “who puts the toilet seat up/down” argument.  If everyone put the lid down after they used it, this wouldn’t be a thing! 5. People who waste food. 6. All of the water that pours out of a ketchup bottle, pre-ketchup. 7. When you’re with someone and they tell the same stories/jokes to every single person they come into contact with. 8. Rain or bird poop the moment you wash your car. 9. People who use toilet-seat covers and then leave them there! 10. Noise in the movie theater: people talking, eating, ripping open wrappers and babies crying. (Plus, cell phone screen lights in the theater!) 11. People who don't pick up their dog poop — or dog poop bags. 12. Cigarette butts on the ground. You know who picks that sh*t up? Little kids. 13. Cell phone use in public places: outdoors at restaurants, in waiting rooms, etc. 14. Nose and butt picking in public. 15. When people say “melk” instead of “milk.” It’s spelled with an “I” guys! 16. Overuse of exclamation points.


Now here’s something that can’t possibly piss you off...


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