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Article: Clunk, Tinkle & More Lullaby Renditions of the Beatles

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Clunk, Tinkle & More Lullaby Renditions of the Beatles

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles Album CoverNow for an update from lullaby world headquarters (where snoring and drooling are always encouraged): We are way too proud of our new CD, More Lullaby Renditions of the Beatles. We know that parents aren't supposed to pick favorites so let's just call it our new favorite. Of course it doesn't hurt when you are working with some of the most recognizable and beloved melodies ever. Producer Mike Baiardi and the Rockabye Baby! listening team worked really hard to bring a sweet and soothing vibe to these renditions of beautiful Beatles tunes, complete with lots of "clunk and tinkle." Clunk and tinkle is what we call the yin and yang of a perfect lullaby-the clunky wood percussion that gives the childlike feel to the song while tinkling bells, celesta and glockenspiel add a sweet fairy dusting of our patented sleeping potion. Lest you think those long hours in the listening room have turned our minds to mush, check out the audio samples here to see what we're rambling about. Did we hit the mark on this one? Let us know! We aim to please. But first and foremost, we aim to nap. Found me! Don't forget to leave a comment with your email! This just in: Check out a review of More Beatles from The Oklahoman!


These CD’s have gotten us through a lot of sleepless nights. I have turned all my rocker friends onto your CDs and they just love them. I really like to Tool CD. I’m excited to hear the new Queen. The beatles seem to fit this music so naturally. I hope I win the gift pack!!


Under the “Clunk, Tinkle & More Lullaby Renditions of the Beatles” post.


hide and seek contest!


hide and seek contest


I <3 the beatles!


Whoa…that bear just gave me a flash back.


see the contest bear! excited for the new albums!


Found the Bear!


I hope there are more lullabys in the works. My daughter and I love them. Pearl Jam…perhaps :)


Found the BEAR! I love these CD’s!


Found a bear — me and 50 others can’t be wrong!


Wow! I cant wait to get this one~ Found the bear too!


Hit the mark with this one! Found the bear – woohoo!!


I found the bear. My email address:

Thank you!

Jilli Victorio

Here’s the bear!


Beatles Rock!!!


Love it! Gotta win it!

Andrea O'Donnell

Found the bear! Yay!


Clunk, Tinkle & More Lullaby Renditions of the Beatles.

Thank you guys for the fabulous music!!! Keep up the great job!!!!

Kim Wilkerson

I loved the first Beatles CD and can’t wait for the next. ALso looking forward to the DMB. Keep Rockin’!


Please enter me in the contest – I love your CD’s (and think I found the bear!)




My son loves these CDs!


bear time!


I found the bear, here it is.


Here’s the bear!!


Win? :P


We have friends doing a “Yellow Submarine” themed nursery and I would love to give them the Beatles lullaby CD! I found the image on the April 19 post entitled “Clunk, Tinkle & More Lullaby Renditions of the Beatles.”


wheres the bear? theres the bear!


Here’s the bear! Rockabye Baby rocks!!


YAY found the bear, and actually finally understood the directions on how to enter. ;)


We listen to Rockabye baby with our daughter every night! Keep them coming!


Found the bear!! Our customers love your CD’s…I am happy to carry them in my store…even going to reorder in just a minute!!


Psych bear under Clunk Tinkle post! I was told I gave the best present out of the bunch from a friend’s husband with a Rockabye Nine Inch Nails CD!


Found the bear! Love your CDs!


My little Austin Girl loves the U2 and Eagles!! Can’t wait to hear Queen!

Texas Gal

Thanks for the opportunity! Hope I win!

Amy Blanchette

Oh wow I found the picture:o) I would love to have some of your records. But they don’t sell my favorite artists in department stores. I will have to order some for the new lil one coming in NOVEMBER!

Alexis Dill

Yay! I found the bear! Thanks for the chance to win.

Jay Stueve

I follow on Twitter!

ning fathia

found the bear!

ning fathia

Found the hidden bear!
I think I’m a little late though.


more TOOL please!!


think i found the little bear in “the clunk and tinkle controversy and more lullaby renditions of the beatles” post. Hope to win one of the ten gift sets. When are you going to release a depeche mode lullaby album?

Calypso Kaisari

Love the Cds hope i win

Jenny Wentz

facebook fan!

ning fathia

Hide and seek contest!


found that bear:D


found the contest bear!!


Found the bear for the contest entry! Thanks


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