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Kids love knowing everything; you probably know that by now, no matter how old your kids are. If it moves, or even if it doesn't, they want to know why. Why is the sky blue? I still don't really know the answer to that one. But hey, maybe it can be found on this great news site aimed at kids called DOGO News. With all the articles split into categories like current events, science, social studies, sports, and entertainment, it's easy to find relevant stories and a lot of fun random stuff as well. Also great is the ability for your kids to subscribe to the site so they can not only comment on the articles, but also get daily news sent to their email. A tab on DOGO connects to a list of other cool kids' sites, from Let's Talk About Insects, to Funology. The web is full of great information for your kids, as well as plenty of games that will easily entertain for hours, or at least minutes. DOGO News has a tab called Earth that functions like a map for news. The picture of the globe is fully movable and it rotates as news stories from around the world are announced, which users can click on and read at will. Geography was always my worst subject, so maybe I'll spend some time checking out the globe myself.

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