Cool Sites for Kids: Funology

Posted by 20 on is one of those sites that parents dream of. This site will hold your kid's attention for hours with recipes, games, crafts, plus true science facts that will boost the IQ of anyone of any age. There are enough cool arcade games to easily fill several rainy afternoons. Categories include action, logic, sports, and memory games. There are even some typing and puzzle games to help your kid learn how to type faster than you. Check out the Jokes tab with countless belly busters, as well as the Boredom Buster section that includes ideas for crafts, an Art Gallery that shows your child how to create art with household items. Boredom Busters even includes a step-by-step guide to making your own hacky sack. Summer is approaching, after all. My personal favorite is the array of magic tricks, which can turn your child into a regular David Blaine, though sans the creepy stare. With tons of card tricks, number tricks, and optical illusions, your kid is guaranteed to have a great time. Check out the site here!

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