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Article: Cure for the Back-to-School Blues

Baby Music

Cure for the Back-to-School Blues

School is back in session whether we like it or not (mostly not!). So what's the best cure for "Back-to-School Blues?" As a kid, I remember eating a lot of ice cream to cope with my anxiety of having to go back to school (which probably wasn't the healthiest choice). Although returning to school meant I would get to see all my friends again, it also meant no more cinnamon roll baking with my mom, no more snow forts with my sister or afternoon sledding with my dad. Just English, History, Math, and Geography. But, we can only mope around for so long before we need to shake off the blues. Here are some suggestions for helping your kids out of their "Back-to-School Blues:" Play (a Little) Before Work Ask them to help with an afterschool snack, go outside and enjoy a little fresh air, or whip out the crayons and color in the Rockabye Bear below. It'll help when it comes time to starting homework.

Make Homework Fun Let's face it...homework can be a drag no matter what your age. Why not mix in some fun activities like our Find the Bear Activity! to enjoy between assignments and keep things entertaining? Or, put a little whimsy into homework hour by donning funny masks or other accessories to liven up the situation.

Give Them Their Zzzzs After homework and play, it's time to hit the hay. School won't seem so bad in the morning if your little ones have gotten a good night's sleep! Don't forget, our lullaby renditions come in pretty handy around this time. Any of the below are sure to help.   

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