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Article: Rock Trivia Giveaway: What Do Dave Matthews and Jimmy Page Have in Common?


Rock Trivia Giveaway: What Do Dave Matthews and Jimmy Page Have in Common?

CLOSED: Thank you to everyone who participated and to our winner Lacey Burnell! Calling all Dave Matthews Band and Led Zeppelin fans! We're testing your knowledge of your beloved guitar heroes, Dave Matthews and Jimmy Page.


What do Matthews and Page have in common?

Email us at and tell us three (3) things Dave Matthews and Jimmy Page have in common for the chance to win both Lullaby Renditions of Dave Matthews Band and Lullaby Renditions of Led Zeppelin.  .........      

Happy digging! (We promise it's not too difficult!) You may even know more than 3!

Photo Credit: Rolling Stone Mag Online and Celeb


well i sent in my 3, fingers crossed


they have the same birthday, both musicians, Dave Matthews covered a Led Zeppelin song (good times, bad times)

Heather Gunn

They’re both epic, awesome guitar players!

ann sweet

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