How I Got My First Rush

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Life is full of first experiences: your first kiss, your first black eye (from sneaking your first kiss) and buying your very first rock album. You see, like a lot of the kids I grew up with, our music collection was compliments of gift-giving relatives who thought they knew what the kids were listening to. Yes, listening to "Puff the Magic Dragon," Elvis, KISS, and The J. Geils Band was very cool back when I was a child, but eventually, there comes a time in every young person's life when they must venture out on their own to purchase music. For me, my first was very special. The year was 1982, and my pocket was stuffed with $20 from a recent birthday. As kids go, I was pretty cool. Sporting a pair of corduroy pants, worn-out sneakers, and a homemade E.T. the Extra Terrestrial T-shirt, this scraggly haired kid walked into K-mart and headed toward the albums. My sights were set. My mind made up. I was on a mission to purchase my very first rock album: It was Rush's Signals. What an amazing feeling. I was cool -- like Matt Dillon cool. The album was a collection of sounds that included guitars, percussion, keyboards and even an electric violin. I was very proud of myself. My first Rush did not disappoint. Unfortunately, my second purchase was not so great. I purchased an album by the band Asia. Not so cool, but thinking back on these types of memories makes me wonder how my daughter will feel about her first experiences. Will they be as cool the first time around, like my first album purchase, or more like the second. I'm hoping it's Rush all the way.

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